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Ted Cruz– Did Sen. Cruz do the right thing in saving face with his family instead of joining the Trump Ringling Circus? We believe he did. He was true to his word about honor and family value. Too bad his Republican Party didn’t see it that way. “Making America Great.” involves ethics, common sense, respect and honor.

So we give a thumb up to Senator Cruz.

Sen. Ted Cruz
Sen. Ted Cruz

Donal Trump– He looked more like a person accepting the “Oscars” with his thank you speech than anything. Still,the elections are just around the corner which really doesn’t leave any room for errors anymore.

Will the greatest “Sales Man” in history pull this off and win the presidency. That will be something to see. Is America ready for the challenge? Remember electing Trump will come with the good and the bad. His decision will not always be the right one for the country but it will be the right one for him.

We give him thumb down.Donald_Trump_August_19,_2015_(cropped2)







Donald Trump

Hillary_ClintonHilary R. Clinton– If Mrs. Clinton wants to win this election, she will definitely need to pull a “white rabbit” out of the hat.  Sen. Sanders really did not help her with his delays in accepting defeat. She needs to show American, she is an educated and very qualify to run this country. She has to show the non-believers she means business. She also has to begin to show some flair and stop being so stiff. Trump  is  “Mr. Entertainment” and she going to have to play the game as well to win this election.

So we give her Thumbs Down.

cropped-woman-246236_1920.jpgAround the world – Terrorist attacks are still high, vacationers are not willing to risk their life going abroad. Many are staying put where they may feel same. My question to you is are we really safe? Do you feel safe?

Some we give ourselves thumbs up.

This is just a small preview of  “With In The News” will be bringing.

Thank you.

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