What Has Social Media Done For You?

network-1632925_1920What has social Media Done For you?…………

A very interesting question. One that should be answered with caution and finesse.

Social Media has become “the norm”. You have something to say, you say it. You use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, any source of outlet to get your words across.

Sometimes, the things you say or video you upload are not iwoman-737438n  your best interest. Things you might think are funny and low-key turn into a witch hunt and you are not the hunter. You have to remember you are opening yourself not only to your family and selected friends, you are opening your opinions and faults to the whole world.

A funny video of scaring your pet out of its skin, may not land you an Oscar. What can happen and it will; you will be branded as an Animal Abuser and it will go viral. It will be permanent and it can cause you lots of grief and explanation. It will not be forgotten, and it will be a permanent mark on your character for generations to come.

Sure the hype with eventually wear off, but then someone else will find it and you are in hot waters again. The same goes on how you treat your children. It can have the same negative effect instead of viewing a light side of the situation.

Now, I am not against social media. Not at all. Great things have come about with Social Media. Families have been united, friends have been found, justice has been served and most important awareness has triumphed.

Social Media can make you or break you. We have been given the power of freedom of speech and expression. Your words are no longer “Just words”, they are a voice in this rapid world that is constantly changing. Sometimes it will change for the better, sometimes it changes for the worst.

Your opinion always matter. The issues you are passionate about do need to be heard. Let them be heard. There is someone always out there ready to listen and act on them. Be precise, be on point, do not be an instigator, do not create chaos and madness. Right now, we have too much of it as it is. You have been given a responsibility to your peers, your social peers.



Stop spreading hate! Do not allow yourself to be pull in.  Social Media is about numbers. Social Media enjoyed  their numbers going up because of you.

So ask yourself, “What has Social Media Really Done For You?



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