Are U Afraid?


The question of the day is “Are U Afraid? “The answer should be Yes, very afraid.” The world is changing. Every day you see horrors beyond your imagination. You don’t have to watch TV anymore or watch your favorite “The Walking Dead” episode. You see   Man is killing Man, Man is killing Women and  Children,…

What Has Social Media Done For You?


What has social Media Done For you?………… A very interesting question. One that should be answered with caution and finesse. Social Media has become “the norm”. You have something to say, you say it. You use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, any source of outlet to get your words across. Sometimes, the things you say or video…


Hi, My name is Cristina Roskoff-Harris at this is my blog “Just Words”.   Here will be discussing topics of interest that you the audience select. I hope you will participate. Drop me an email and lets discussed what really interest you.  

Just Words

Just Words


The Merge Is On!

2017 Merge Between
The Poor American Blog and The NewsWithin

The News With In……….

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Ted Cruz– Did Sen. Cruz do the right thing in saving face with his family instead of joining the Trump Ringling Circus? We believe he did. He was true to his word about honor and family value. Too bad his Republican Party didn’t see it that way. “Making America Great.” involves ethics, common sense, respect…

The News With In……Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!